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KGF Limited is a B2B distribution company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We supply high quality fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers from Kenyan farmers to distributors and retailers in Africa, the Middle East.UK, Europe. We procure directly from our growers so that we are able to deliver on our promise of absolute freshness. For buyers, we guarantee consistency in quality and fair pricing while for farmers we guarantee market and fair prices for their produce.

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A simple idea that was spurred by the desire to open up Africa's purest horticultural produce the world started with an experimental client, and now bloomed to a fully-fledged company, KGF Exporters, that now exports to vast markets across Europe and United Kingdom, with a monthly product supply in excess to 150 tonnes

Fresh Fruits

Our fresh fruits from Kenya are healthy as they are grown naturally in the hot and wet climate which is very favourable for growth of fruits and vegetables. We ensure high standards in packaging so that the fruits are delivered fresh and nutritious.


Our vegetables are grown in the best tropical climates under strict quality guidelines which guarantee perfect taste and flavour. We also maintain regular communication with the customers so that our farmers consistently grow the required varieties of products.


The leading Kenyan Producer and Exporter of high-quality fresh cut Roses KGF offers a unique range of vibrant and highly popular flowers that come in various head size and lengths (from 4.5 cm head to 6.5 cm) – with globally recognized names such as; Ace Pink, Athena, Belle Rose, Belle Vue, Julischka, La Belle, Copacabana, Madam Cerise, Rosa White, Navara, Melina, Pegasso, Shangai Lady, Yelloween, Lovely Rhodos, Madam Red, Memory, Moonwalk, Pink Rhodos, Tamara, and the most popular variety Rhodos Rose.

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